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Vinu Abinayaa
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Whatever interview it is, this question is very common, and yes the very first question the interviewer will ask you is — “Tell me about yourself”.

Well as a fresher, you might be confused about answering this question. But it is very easy at the same time this answer will decide what questions will drive the interview.

It is very important that you mention only the skills that you know very well and please don't make any false statements here that will end up in a bad impression.

Here are a few tips that you should follow while framing an answer to this question. I have also attached a sample Tell me about yourself answer at the end, which helped me land my first dream job as a fresher.

Make sure you are not exceeding more than 1.5 minutes. Most importantly, talk in a flow, don't get stuck and talk like as if you have memorized. you should sound confident for the interviewer to have a good impression of you.

About You

It is important to greet the interviewer, and then tell your name, in which college you are studying, and in which year.

Your experience

Talk about your projects, where along with it you will be able to mention the technical skills that you know. This is very crucial. Also, you can talk about your internship experience, how many months you had the experience, and what skills you have learned from that. you can also talk about your certifications.

Now you are done with the technical part!

Achievements/ hobbies

Next talk about your achievements, extracurricular activities, if you have been a member of any of the clubs, and about your hobbies. It is important to close your introduction once you finish speaking. Remember you should not sound boasting yourself when you are talking about your achievements.

Also when you are talking about your hobbies and you mention that you read books, the interviewer might ask about a recent book that you have read and what you learned from that. So consider these questions before telling anything about yourself.

Sample Answer

Good morning, I’m delighted to introduce myself as XYZ, a final-year student pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering at ABC Engineering College.

One notable highlight from my previous year was undertaking a project titled (project title), which served as an opportunity for me to enhance my Machine Learning and coding skills. In addition to my project, I also gained valuable industry exposure through a 3-month internship at QWE Company. During this internship, I had the privilege of acquiring crucial managerial skills and SQL.

Furthermore, I have earned certifications from Google for Python, further consolidating my proficiency in coding and augmenting my capabilities during the project development process. Talking about my achievements, me and my team got 1st place in the technical hackathon held in our college.

Beyond academics and technical pursuits, I have a fervor for singing, which I actively pursue as a member of our college’s music club. When I’m not engaged in my academic pursuits, I indulge in reading books and enjoy expressing my thoughts and experiences through blogging. And that’s all about me.

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